Ballina Community Radio (BCRFM) is an independent non-profit community radio station that provides a local voice for Ballina through specialist music programs and talk programming. BCRFM provides a platform for local news and issues, with a strong focus on arts, culture, and music to suit all tastes.

Sponsorship Campaigns

At BCRFM, we can tailor sponsorship packages to your needs and preferences:

  • On-air announcements (live mentions throughout the show plus pre-recorded promos played throughout the weekend)
  • Online promotion via social media (website, Facebook & Twitter)

• BCRFM currently holds the number one position for community radio stations in Ireland on Facebook. (Ballina Community Radio)

• BCRFM has a strong Twitter(#ballinacrfm) Presence and is involved with #Mayohour.

  • Outside Broadcasts
  • Giveaways
  • Event Sponsorship

Sponsorship lets our loyal listeners know that your business supports their favourite local independent station.

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