9am – 11am The Sunday Morning Show with Ray Forde. Tune in to hear classic hits and the featured year  of 2005. Relive the movies, music, TV and news from the year including, the ‘Rossport Five’, Dundrum shopping centre opened, 7/7 bombings in London and Hurricane Katrina. The Irish charts were  dominated by Westlife and that very annoying ear worm ‘Axel F’ by Crazy Frog!

11am – 12pm Listen Up! Hear Our Voice with Karen Mc Donnell, Emma Gardiner, Ann-Marie Mc Hale and Elisha Moran.  International Women’s Day Special, our presenters will be discussing women who inspire them and songs from a host of female artists. Karen will be talking to Ann-Marie Forbes of the Jackie Clarke Collection about their exciting International Women’s Day event taking place this Wednesday.


12pm – 2pm Conversation Across the Table with Christina Forde and Rosann Mc Donnell. Today’s show the ladies will be talking just about anything!

2pm – 4pm Sunday Soul with Aine Collins. Today’s show will be full of old and new Soul and R&B tunes for you to sit back and enjoy. We will have some updates on what’s on around town so keep a pen and paper handy to jot down some dates for your diary!

4pm – 5pm Local and Global with Alan Lonergan. This week we continue an occasional history series on Local & Global. Having already looked at Ballina’s earliest history we follow up this week with a look at its more recent history and discuss the old street names in the town and when they changed.

 5pm – 6pm Nothing but Old 45s with Larry Kratka. A syndicated radio show featuring hits, 1-hit wonders and rare songs from 1955 to 1970.

7pm – 9pm Rock On with Joe Hennigan. Today’s featured album is from Joe Satriani. Be prepared for your next schooling in rock!

9pm – 11pm The Classical Show with Paul Dixon. Since it’s International Women’s Day next Wednesday, this Sunday on the Classical Show we’ll be featuring music by women composers. There will be music from past to present, from Hildegard of Bingen, Ethel Smyth, Dobrinka Tabakova, and Irish composers Joan Trimble and Linda Buckley – and many more. Some of this music isn’t heard half as often as it should be, so tune in and enjoy it with me!