The Story of a Foxford Man - Admiral William Brown

For the first edition of Local and Global we are in Foxford with Margaret Noone and Pat Ruane of the Admiral Brown Society discussing the life of Foxford born William Brown. This is an epic tale of a truly amazing life.  Born in Foxford in 1777 and died peacefully at 80 years of age in his own bed in Argentina in 1857.  In the first of a two part documentary special we will focus on how Admiral Brown is remembered in Foxford and why that is of importance to the community and to gain an understanding of how significant the memory of Admiral Brown is in Argentina.  In his adoptive homeland there are 1,112 streets, 415 schools, 320 parks, 6 towns and 4 football stadia named after him.  He is known there as the “Libertor” and “The Master of the River Plate”.  He left an indelible mark on Argentina and played a pivotal role in the war that brought about Argentina’s independence from Spain.  

In the edition to air this Sunday at 4pm tune in to hear about Admiral Brown’s early life, leaving Foxford at the age of 9 with his Father to emigrate to America.  His father dies within weeks of arrival and the young William finds himself all alone in a strange new world.  A dramatic story of an action packed life and you’ll just have to tune in to find out what unfolded.